What if we can’t find a buyer?"

What if we can’t find a buyer?”

A Family-Owned Business Coming to an End

The Lins have owned their family services business for generations. This close-knit family takes pride in their family name, as well as in the legacy of their company. However, the next generation of Lins isn’t going to take over the company, and retirement age is quickly approaching the current generation. The Lins are now faced with the reality of preparing for non-family transition options. As much as their business feels like part of the family, they are considering selling to a private buyer to ensure the continued future of their family and their legacy.

Key Business and Operational Questions

What is the timeline and considerations for the current generation to exit?

Will our family name be part of the sale if we sell to private buyers?

Will customers still want to buy from us if we sell or transition to other family members? 

What do we need to do to effectively plan for our estate and ensure our children are taken care of?

Key Financial Considerations and Questions

How do we know if we have a fair offer?

If we can’t find a buyer, do we explore the possibility of simply closing? If so, how do we maximize the value?

What are my options for receiving sale proceeds?

What do I do with the proceeds after the sale?

What tax needs will I have if the company sells?

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