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What are some of the frequently asked questions about Microsoft Dynamics GP?

As Microsoft continues to shift its investment away from this popular tool, we recognize that many businesses are struggling to find the right way to incorporate Microsoft Dynamics GP into their cloud strategy and are questioning if it’s time to reevaluate the software altogether.

The Schneider Downs Technology Advisors continue to help our customers understand their options and have compiled a listing of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding  Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP customers have three primary options as the support-end date approaches.

This option may be attractive to smaller companies who do not have the IT resources to maintain an on-premises server or larger companies who want to shift their IT resources efforts’ elsewhere; however, this path typically incurs higher costs in both the short term and long term. 

Many organizations are choosing this route as it eliminates costs associated with maintaining servers and the risk associated with having on-premises data. It also allows finance teams anywhere-access to their data and is backed by at least a 99% uptime SLA and massive annual investments in security (over $1 Billion annually in Microsoft’s case).

The final and most dangerous option is to simply do nothing. Doing nothing will leave your system vulnerable to risks without updates and patches from Microsoft.

Microsoft has ended mainstream support for Dynamics GP and has introduced a new support lifecycle called the Modern Lifecycle Policy. In short, this means Microsoft will release bug fixes, new features, tax updates and regulatory updates on a periodic basis going forward.

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This option requires an annual upgrade, at least one server, and IT resources to support and manage the server. Your business is responsible for ensuring the data is secure and the applications are available.

Microsoft is investing heavily in its cloud platform across the board, as are many other vendors. Some of the major benefits include:

  • > 99% uptime SLAs
  • Billions of dollars invested annually in security
  • Your IT resources can focus their efforts elsewhere
  • Upgrades happen behind the scenes and are included in your monthly subscription price
  • Regular updates for localized compliance, governance, and security elements
  • Integrations with low code/no code development platforms 
  • Better support for hybrid and remote work

From an accountant or end user perspective, the most important benefit of a cloud accounting system is that major enhancements are released multiple times per year (twice per year for Microsoft).

There are several new features available on Dynamics Business Central compared to Dynamics GP, some of the key updates and new capabilities are listed below:

If you would like to discuss which option is best suited for your organization and situation, please contact Mike P. Scalamogna directly or schedule a time on his calendar. 

Business Expertise – As a multi-faceted professional services firm, our team has access to a diverse bench of professionals with expertise in a wide range of solutions to augment your implementation, including cybersecurity, internal audit, data analytics, audit and assurance, tax and more. 

Client Success – With a focus on the long-term success of our clients, our team prioritizes the importance of  thorough documentation and clear instructions to ensure your team can operate independently post-engagement. 

Experienced Professionals – Our implementation professionals are well-versed in technology and industry-specific concerns, allowing our consultants to hit the ground running and provide true guidance from day one. 

Microsoft Knowledge – The implementation team has evolved with Microsoft’s offerings, allowing us to gain a thorough understanding of how legacy platforms worked and the steps needed to move clients to the appropriate Microsoft solutions. 

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