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Dennis Mowrey | 9.3.2013

Ohio Withholding Rates Drop Effective September 1, 2013

All Ohio employers should begin using new state income tax withholding rates that take effect for payrolls ending on or after September 1, 2013. Employees

Ohio's Effort to Standardize Municipal Taxes

Legislation to streamline Ohio’s municipal income tax system has been introduced in House Bill 601. The Bill is intended to provide more uniformity
Dennis Mowrey | 11.20.2012

It's Here: Form 1099-K Business Income Matching

In September, the IRS launched its first information return–matching program for corporate entities filing Forms 1120, 1120S and 1065. This program
Dennis Mowrey | 11.5.2012

IRS Hot Topics

The hottest topic now is that the IRS is targeting small and medium-size businesses with substantial cash flow and Sub-Chapter S filers. A just completed

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Dennis Mowrey | 6.21.2012

2013 New Tax on Investment Income Provides Incentive to Form S-Corporation

Under Current Sections (of the Internal Revenue Code) 3101(b), 3111(b), and 1401(b), a 2.9% Medicare tax is imposed on all wages and self-employment income.

Tips for Manufacturers to Improve Online Leads

A recent report released by the Thomas Industrial Network found that 90% of industrial buying decisions are now researched, evaluated and selected online.
Dennis Mowrey | 12.7.2011

2011 Charitable Contribution Considerations

The year 2011 is quickly slipping away, and it’s that time when people look to make charitable contributions. Who can I make a donation to? How much

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