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Real Estate Industry: Opportunities in the Tax Reform Act

On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (The Act) into law. The Act provides opportunities for all facets of the real estate

The Autonomous Vehicle Revolution and Its Impact on Commercial Real Estate

Driverless vehicles are coming and will dramatically change the commercial real estate landscape. Many of the world's largest corporations have been
Retail, Tax
Carl Scharf | 1.22.2016

Updating Your Retail or Restaurant Space? What You Need to Know About IRS Revenue Procedure 2015-56

It appears that everywhere we look businesses operating in the retail and restaurant industry are remodeling or refreshing their space in order to stay

Purchasing or Selling a Beach Home in Florida

In a recent Tax Court Memorandum decision (TC Memo 2015-95), a married couple was not entitled to deduct a loss on the sale of a seasonal home because

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Retail, Tax
Carl Scharf | 2.25.2015

The FICA Tip Tax Credit Available to Restaurant Owners

As our favorite time of the year is currently upon us (yes, tax season!), it is a good time to remind restaurant owners of the tax credit due to them that

Know the Tax Considerations for a Construction Allowance in Your Lease

The negotiation of the construction allowance is an important part of a lease transaction; however, those negotiations rarely consider the tax consequences.
Real Estate
Carl Scharf | 6.18.2014

Like-Kind Exchange Denied Due to Disqualified Intermediary, Taxpayer's Son

In a recent Tax Court Memo 2014-110, an individual’s sale of real property and subsequent purchase of unimproved land failed to qualify as a §1031

Final Reminder to Group Rental Real Estate Investments and Save You $$$

A taxpayer who is a real estate professional and participates in the management of multiple rental real estate properties may make an election on his or

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Carl Scharf | 10.28.2013

IRS Delays Start of Tax-Filing Season

More fallout from the government’s partial shutdown: Early tax filers will have to wait an extra week or two to get tax refunds next year. However,
Automobile, Tax
Carl Scharf | 6.11.2013

Tax Credit for Installation of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

Buried within the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was an extension of the tax credits for alternative fuel vehicle refueling property, more commonly

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