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Catherine Martz

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What Do You Do When You Can't Pay the IRS?

There may come a day when a client, friend, or family member asks you what they can do when they owe the IRS and just can’t pay. You’ll want

International Fraud Week: Protecting Seniors From Fraud

Our senior population is particularly vulnerable to con artists who want to take advantage of them. Too often we hear of stories where an elderly person

The Affordable Care Act's Impact on the Self-Employed

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), much of the focus has been placed on businesses and how they must comply with the various mandates within the law.

When Does a Pennsylvania Pass-Through Entity Have to Pay Individual Income Tax?

Individual Income Tax Withholding for Pass-Through Entities If you answered “Never,” you get no points awarded this round! Pennsylvania (and

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Why Should You Give Your Children an Allowance?

Parents are faced with sometimes overwhelming challenges in raising their children. Among those challenges is the responsibility to foster a sense of money

Thinking About the B Word - Budgeting Your Money

With the holidays around the corner, and all of the over-spending that goes along with the season’s celebrations, we thought it was time to take

Considering a Reverse Mortgage? Do Your Homework First!

We’ve all seen the television ads with the concerned-looking paid “celebrity” spokesperson who so sincerely tells the viewer that they

College Funding Strategies

Does the endlessly rising cost of college tuition keep you up at night? Strategies for funding higher education are never far from any parent’s mind.

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