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IRS Clarifies Uncertainty Surrounding Lifetime Gifting and Increased Basic Exclusion Amount Under TCJA

Over the past year, Schneider Downs has been busy tracking the drafting, passage and, as of late, the Internal Revenue Service's implementation of

Free Speech/Privacy Advocates Score Significant Victory with Changes to Form 990 Schedule B Disclosure Requirements

Advocates of free speech and personal privacy scored a significant victory with the Service's recent release of Revenue Procedure 2018-38. Effective

Congressional Research Service Releases Tax Policy Options on College Endowments

Educational institution endowments have come under attack from all sides lately. Whether it is the new excise tax on net investment income, a Congressman

Climbing AFRs Put Dormant Estate Planning Techniques Back on the Table

When considering federal estate tax planning, one of the most common objectives of the planner is removing assets from the taxpayer’s taxable estate.

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Be Sure You're Properly Completing Those Thrift Store Receipts

Stop me if this sounds familiar: you pull up to your local thrift store, pop open the trunk, hand the attendant two or three garbage bags full of donated

Be Sure Your QRPBI Properties Are Used IN Your Trade or Business

Last summer, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) took a look at the gross income exclusion for forgiveness of qualified real property business

When Giving to Your Alma Mater: All Donations May Soon Not Be Treated Equally

For several months now, we have been following Congress’ efforts to address the rising costs of higher education and its recent focus on endowments

Congressman Tom Reed's Vision for Students and What It Means for Higher Education

In October, we recapped how the Senate Committee of Finance and House Ways and Means Committee had decided to renew their focus on the rising cost of higher

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The Evolving Unified Registration Statement

Compliance with laws relating to charitable solicitation or fundraising has always been a difficult and laborious process. In fact, as of November 2016,

Are You Leaving Tax Savings From Your College Education on the Table? The Treasury Department Thinks So

The rising cost of higher education has been on the minds of American families for a number of years and has even sparked recent Congressional investigations.

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