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Gennaro DiBello | 3.15.2010

Who Bears the Personal Federal Income Tax Burden?

Gennaro DiBello shares a few intriguing tax statistics from the IRS. As 2010 shapes up to be a fascinating year with expiring tax laws and proposed legislation, it will be important to stay current on any changes that may affect you or your business.
Ron Kramer | 3.2.2010

IRS Survey on Tax Cheating

The Internal Revenue Service Oversight Board's annual Taxpayer Attitude Survey revealed some startling changes in attitude toward tax compliance. Ron Kramer shares some of the more suprising results.
Ron Kramer | 3.1.2010

IRS Issues Additional Guidance on Filing of Form TD F 90-22.1, FBAR for 2009 and Earlier Calendar Years

On February 26, 2010, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued the long awaited additional guidance to certain filers of FBARs who had been granted an
Ron Kramer | 2.22.2010

February 28, 2010 is the last day to make deductible 2009 charitable contributions for Haiti relief

February 28, 2010, is the last day for individuals who itemize their deductions and for corporations to make cash contributions to charities providing

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Nishant Patel | 2.10.2010

More Tax Law Changes on the Horizon? - Obama Unveils Fiscal 2011 Plan

On February 1, President Barak Obama shared his plans with Congress on federal government budget proposals for the 2011 fiscal year. As a part of the $3.8
Barbara Balcita | 2.9.2010

Multistate Employment Tax Update

Many employers question in which states the must have their employee's income taxes withheld, and to which states they must pay unemployment taxes. Barbara Balcita provides a comprehensive overview.
Martin DiGiovine | 2.4.2010

Haiti Relief Donation Deductible on 2009 Return

Cash contributions made to charities providing earthquake relief to Haiti, made before March 1, 2010, may be deducted on your 2009 tax return. The new
Jeffrey Wlahofsky | 2.2.2010

Pennsylvania's 2010 Contribution Rates Increase for Many Companies

The PA Department of Labor & Industry mailed the 2010 contribution rate notices to Pennsylvania employers recently. Jeff Wlahofsky explains why many employers will see tax increases this year.

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Matt McKinnon | 1.25.2010

IRS Issues Guidance on New Homebuyer Tax Credit for 2009 Returns

On January 15, 2010, the Internal Revenue Service issued Information Release 2010-6, providing filing guidance for eligible homebuyers claiming the first-time
Matt McKinnon | 12.17.2009

2009 and Beyond: A Challenging Time for Tax Planning

Given the unprecedented state of the economy since mid 2008 and the recent administration change in Washington, tax planning will become even more critical, especially this year.

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