Cyber Speaker Series

Cyber Insurance 2022 and Beyond

Many have questions about the recent changes to cyber insurance policies, processes, and potential future changes. Join the Schneider Downs cybersecurity team, as they provide an update on the cyber insurance market by breaking down the numbers and sharing frontline insights from countless strategic discussions with business and technology leaders attempting to navigate the shifting landscape of modern cybersecurity.

$1,000,000 Global Ransomware Lockdown: Chronicles of a Rapid Responder

Ransomware is one of the most devastating cyber-attack methods that exists today, and these attacks are seemingly getting more difficult to prevent and recover from. Does your organization have a plan for when the lights go out, data and systems become unavailable, the phones stop working, or the manufacturing floor comes to a crashing halt?

Join the Schneider Downs cybersecurity team, as they share a real-world experience of a massive ransomware attack that shut down a global business operation for many weeks. Our team will provide a stunning first-hand account of the realities of a well-coordinated and crafted ransomware attack from an international threat actor that has eluded law enforcement for many years.

Accounts of lessons learned by those experiencing a modern cyber incident

Join the Schneider Downs cybersecurity team as they share insights from countless strategic discussions with business and technology leaders attempting to navigate the shifting landscape of modern cybersecurity. Many organizations still lack a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity risks and with so many technical variables and threats, their cybersecurity strategy could find itself relying on thought processes that are outdated or based on false assumptions.

From a penetration tester’s perspective; these strategic mistakes are often the root cause of significant compromises. During this presentation, we will discuss several critical misconceptions and overlooked risks that may be lurking within your organization’s cybersecurity strategy and then review practical approaches to help reach an effective cybersecurity posture.

Best-practices and strategic takeaways to avoid falling victim to these strategic mistakes

Press coverage of data breaches often focuses on the impact, but that’s only half the story. What if you could get a behind-the-scenes look at the underlying circumstances that resulted in these breaches? Our team of cybersecurity experts dedicate significant time and resources into maintaining a detailed understanding of advanced threat actor’s current capabilities and methodologies.

We leverage this knowledge to help organizations of all sizes and industries to improve their ability to prevent and respond to cyber threat actors. Over the years, we’ve participated in countless penetration tests and incident response efforts. While every engagement has a unique set of circumstances, this presentation reviews the 10 most commonly exploited vulnerabilities in today’s cybersecurity landscape.

Effective Strategies for Board Communications on Cybersecurity

Executives and board members alike are all keenly concerned about cyber-risks. Boards typically lack specific cyber-expertise but they’ve all seemingly read the same whitepaper on what questions to ask your CISO and/or Cybersecurity team. So why does it feel like a challenge to address their concerns and what is causing the communication gap?

In this session, we will explore how to answer common tough questions such as “Are we secure?” or “Have we been hacked?” and others. Attendees will walk away with proven methods and strategic ideas that will better prepare them for future discussions with board member and c-suite executive conversations.

Our team of experienced cybersecurity professionals offer a diverse range of speaking engagements covering topics from general cybersecurity best practices to industry specific needs. Sessions are available on-site and virtually.


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