Penetration Testing


Our penetration testing services are designed to assess the security of an organization by mimicking real-world cyberattacks using advanced skills, tools and techniques.

The objective of our methodology is not only to identify critical issues but also to evaluate whether vulnerabilities and other potential misconfigurations are actually exploitable, and what risks they ultimately represent in an organization’s overall IT security posture. A penetration test will help your organization build resilience against cyberattacks and prioritize vulnerability remediation efforts.

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Detailed Approach to Penetration Testing

Schneider Downs’ security professionals take a holistic approach to penetration testing. Our team of experienced professionals are experienced in identifying security gaps that hackers currently use, and we anticipate the avenues hackers are likely to exploit in specific situations.

Our comprehensive penetration testing approach includes:

Why Choose Schneider Downs as Your Penetration Testing Partner

Experienced Team

Our team has performed countless assessments for a wide variety of companies, and we recognize that possessing technical skillsets alone isn’t what makes this exercise valuable.

The Mind of a Hacker

We have invested heavily in our penetration testing methodology to ensure that our tactics mimic the methods of a real-life attack.

Tailored Assessments

We understand that a one-size-fits-all penetration test approach is not right for most clients.

Diagnose True Risk

Our deliverables are easy to understand, and recommendations are truly risk-based.

Comprehensive Insights

Our goal is always to address the critical risks to your organization, whether identified or unknown.

Benefits of Working with Schneider Downs

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