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Nicole Saldamarco

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Improve Your Internal Audit Activity - Quality Assessment Reviews

In order for your internal audit activity to be effective, it must be credible to its stakeholders. Internal auditors must be considered professionals

RPAs Have a Role in SOX Cost Reduction and Efficiency

If you’re a public entity, you know the strain SOX testing puts on company resources: the time to discuss controls and walkthrough processes with

If You Could Only Make One New Investment

What’s the likelihood that your one new investment would be in an internal audit function? Why internal audit? As organizations continue to operate

NASDAQ Proposed Rule Requires Internal Audit

As of March 4, 2013, the SEC's Division of Trading and Markets (Division) is soliciting comments regarding NASDAQ's proposed rule change requiring

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Schneider Downs Served as a Cosponsor at the Anti-Fraud Forum Sponsored by Mylan Labs

Schneider Downs is excited to have been one of the cosponsors of the “Anti-Fraud Forum” sponsored by Mylan Labs on September 17. The forum

Internal Audit's Role in Management's Risk Assessment

As noted in March 2012 IIA Practice Guide – Coordinating Risk Management and Assurance, management and the board are responsible for establishing

Risk Management - The Audit Committees' Responsibilities

An organization’s audit committee plays a critical role in promoting effective risk management practices. Risk management is just one component of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, and is an essential practice if an organization expects to achieve its strategic goals and objectives.
Has your company evaluated its risks, given the current market?  If you’re a public company, you identified risks and documented them as part of your 10K.  Whether your company is public or private, have you evaluated the risks identified and determined if you have controls in place to mitigate, or at least monitor, these risks? 

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