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SD inSITE is a web-based application that provides employees, and other individuals associated with your organization, a central location where they can submit and retrieve information.

Built-in utilities allow for direct export of your critical data at any time to interface with your accounting software, payroll software, or a third-party payroll processor.

SD inSITE is an easy to use automated workforce management tool that can assist your organization with:

time entry

inSITE gives supervisors and administrators a clear view into the amount of time being worked in a given pay period, allowing them to guard against excessive overtime charges.

The daily time entry feature offers managers the ability to forecast anticipated overtime based on hours worked to date.

inSITE has a built-in overtime feature, which allows employees to request time in advance to prevent any surprises.

inSITE can track government lobbying activities to assist in keeping track of registration requirements on a quarterly basis.

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Expense Entry

Individuals can submit work-related expenses with attachments from emails and scanned images from their phone. inSITE allows these expenses to be approved online from anywhere.

inSITE can export to payroll, accounts payable and billing systems to eliminate double entry of data.

Pay Stubs and Time Off

inSITE provides a secure system for employees to access pay stub information from any computer.

Employees are able to request time off from anywhere, and supervisors can approve from the email they receive once the inSITE request is complete.

inSITE allows users to view current time off balances anytime, in real time.

Document Portal

Utilization of inSITE document center assures that documents are stored securely and transmitted via encrypted connections to prevent ne’er-do-wells from getting access to sensitive financial information.

Users can view documents and orginization wide calendars as well as respond to online questionnaires all in one, centralized location which helps make training fast and easy.

inSITE eliminates postage, shipping and printing costs.


inSITE simplifies the purchase-request process by defining the process upfront. The moment a request is made the approver is notified, and the requestor is notified as approvals are being made in real time.

inSITE consolidates associated documentation, packing slips, invoices, quotes and backup, are stored under the associated request, and can be accessed by the requestor, approver(s) and administrators at any time during, and after, the approval process.

inSITE can track when items on a request have been purchased, received (and delivered if necessary) by requestors and reported on by approvers and administrators.

Pre-existing interfaces have been developed for ADP, Sage 100 ERP, Abila Fund Accounting (formerly Sage Fund Accounting), Sage HRMS, Sage Business Works Gold, Paychex and Ceridian.

case studies

big problem:
Ransomware attack halted a global manufacturer's operations.
big thinking:
Recover and secure the system – fast – save $1 million in ransom.
big problem:
High tax burden for family-owned franchisor.
big thinking:
Comprehensive planning for a 15% tax reduction.

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