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Eric M. Wright CPA, CITP, William M. Deller CISA, CTPRP, CTPRA, CCSFP

Our Third-Party Risk Management external assessment services model is flexible so that we can serve a variety of client needs.

If your organization already has a third party assessment process, our team can perform ad-hoc reviews of standards-based frameworks. After all, audit and assurance are part of the core skillsets that our IT audit team was built on. The following is a list of standards-based assessments we perform:

  • SOC (System and Organization Control) Report Reviews – one of the best indicators that you can trust a Third party with your data is if they have a SOC report completed on an annual basis by a reputable audit firm. However, reviewing SOC reports is a vital part of TPRM processes. This is where our knowledge as a premier provider of SOC reports complements our ability to review Third party SOC reports and behalf of organizations.
  • Standard Information Gathering (SIG Questionnaire) – Schneider Downs is a registered firm with the Shared Assessment program through the Santa Fe Group, the leader in TPRM best practices, education, and guidance.  We leverage tools such as the SIG and SIG Lite to provide assessment services.
  • Compliance –  HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST, ISO, PCI, FFIEC, CIS CSC, and many more

Additional TPRM Services

Schneider Downs TPRM Resources

Built by our tenured team of security, risk and compliance practitioners. We have leveraged decades of diverse subject-matter expertise and experience to be able to provide the following resources and tools:

How Can Schneider Downs Help?

The Schneider Downs Risk Advisory Services team has the expertise, credentials and tools to help you build, implement, recalibrate, and manage a world-class third-party risk management program. We understand that outsourcing business functions to third parties is essential in today’s business environment.  While outsourcing provides benefits such as increased efficiency and cost savings, it also increases an organization’s risk exposure to a myriad of threats presented by outsourcing.  Understanding how to identify and manage the risks presented by third party providers is vital for any business.

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