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Joel M. Rosenthal CPA, CVA, CM&AA, Adam J. Goode CPA, Thomas D. Pratt CPA, ABV, CFF, CVA

Maximizing a company’s return on investment comes from driving the organization to achieve its goals through the analysis, development and execution of comprehensive operating and strategic plans.

Schneider Downs Business Restructuring professionals have a wealth of senior-level corporate experience in both large corporations and middle-market companies. They can help your organization sort through and prioritize its goals, whether they focus on operational improvement, maximization of cash flow, or growth, either internal or through acquisitions. They bring extensive knowledge of strategic planning tools and the required processes to ensure successful execution of a strategic plan.

How We Help

  • Operational management
  • Strategic planning
  • Process optimization
  • Cash flow enhancement including inventory and accounts receivable management
  • Supplier selection and cost containment strategies
  • Financial management

Our Approach

  • An initial assessment of the company’s current situation
  • A determination of the company’s owner’s or senior managements’ operational and financial goals
  • Definition of the gaps between the current situation and the target goals
  • Development of a roadmap including, schedule and resources, for the company to achieve the target
  • The realignment of individual, departmental, and functional focus to match corporate goals
  • Establishment of a system of metrics and milestones which measure progress toward the goals.

About Schneider Downs Business Restructuring

The Schneider Downs Business Restructuring team provides clients with award-winning consulting services in the areas of management consulting, corporate restructuring and debt financing. Additionally, our experience includes having acted in the capacity of Court-appointed Receiver, Examiner and Trustee. Learn more about our Business Restructuring services.

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Big Thinking: Restore System On-site And Avoid Six-figure Ransom.

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Big Problem: Inefficient Tax Credit Realization.

Big Thinking: Identified A $900,000 Tax Credit, Nearly Twice As Much As Prior Years.

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