Due Diligence & Quality of Earnings

Adam J. Goode CPA

The way a company structures the finances and operations for a transaction can often have a dramatic effect on the success of a proposed business deal. The purpose of conducting a due diligence review is to minimize any unexpected developments that could occur with the proposed transaction and to maximize transaction value.

At Schneider Downs, our seasoned professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to assist buyers, sellers, investors, private equity firms and lenders in organizing and completing both buy-side and sell-side due diligence reviews. The time and investment devoted to conducting a due diligence review often prevents surprises, purchase price disputes and litigation matters. At Schneider Downs, we are here to support your efforts according to your specific needs and provide you with a timely and accurate assessment of your proposed transaction.

Quality of Earnings

The goal of a quality of earnings engagement is to present a clear picture to the buyer of a target company’s financial condition. Our senior business analysts will focus not only on the balance sheet and income statements as presented by the target, but also the underlying quality of those statements. A quality of earnings analysis may be conducted by taking a quantitative and qualitative approach to evaluating the amounts presented to acquire a thorough understanding of EBITDA, working capital and potential adjustments.

Buy-Side Financial Due Diligence

Assessing and evaluating the opportunity to acquire a new business needs to be completed with swiftness, precision and discretion. Our professionals in the Business Advisory group at Schneider Downs are highly skilled to help you accomplish exactly that. Our team has decades of experience and has been involved in hundreds of successful transactions. Learn More

Sell-Side Financial Due Diligence

It has been said that “Luck favors the prepared.” It has also been said that “Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.” What if that’s true? In the Business Advisory group here at Schneider Downs, our experience supports these claims. We have found that companies in the market to sell who have subjected themselves to rigorous sell-side financial due diligence have had better success in closing deals than companies that have not. Learn More

About Schneider Downs Transaction Advisory

The Schneider Downs Transaction Advisory team helps companies maximize the success of business transactions of all types, including mergers, acquisitions, capital raising, minority interest investments, management buy-outs, sale preparation, due diligence, valuations and succession planning. Our team consists of interdisciplinary dedicated professionals who provide support across all aspects of transactions.

Learn more about our Transaction Advisory Services or contact us for more information.

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