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Primary Contact: Susan M. Kirsch CPA, JD 

Schneider Downs Tax Advisors focus on providing value to our individual tax clients with a tailored approach to meet their unique tax needs and goals.

The Schneider Downs team consists of experienced tax professionals who have your best interest at heart and provides you with a personalized customer experience through a variety of services, including:

Tax Compliance

Schneider Downs tax advisors ensure that our clients’ can address individual federal, state and local tax needs in an accurate and timely manner during the tax preparation process and throughout the entire year.

Proactive Tax Planning

Our tax professionals provide proactive ideas, develop strategies to minimize your individual tax burdens and provide timely updates to avoid surprises.

Tax Projections

We strive to ensure our clients are aware of their projected tax liabilities, understand the significant factors that affect their taxes, and provide information in advance of personal and business decisions to evaluate the tax effect and provide opportunities for tax savings.

Audit Support

Schneider Downs tax advisors have experience assisting and supporting clients through federal, state and local tax authority audits and ensure our clients are fairly represented in their individual tax needs.

Why Schneider Downs Individual Tax Advisors?

Schneider Downs processes and technology utilized for tax information collection provide a simple and easy experience for our clients, while ensuring that data is managed in a secure manner.

We have designed a service model built on a commitment to continuous communication with clients with frequent dialogue and scheduled meetings throughout the year to understand individual goals and needs.

Our team of professionals have your best interest at heart. If you need an advisor to provide you a fresh tax perspective, please contact a member of the tax team at

About Schneider Downs Tax Advisors 

The tax environment is constantly changing, and effective tax planning allows clients to take advantage of significant economic opportunities and achieve substantial tax savings. With one of the largest regional tax practices in the country, Schneider Downs Tax Advisors’ personal focus on clients and in-depth understanding of current issues ensures that clients are complying with tax-filing requirements and maximizing tax benefits.

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