Energy and Resources Services

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The Schneider Downs Energy & Resources industry group provides specialized financial advice and services to our clients in the oil and gas, mining and aggregates, forest products and alternative fuel and energy industries throughout the Columbus and Pittsburgh regions. Our extensive knowledge of industry issues enables us to provide proactive audit, tax and management consulting services.

We began serving energy and natural resources clients in 1980 and have experience working with organizations of all sizes and with all types of energy and resource producers and related service providers within the industry. Today, our practice has more than 20 individuals with experience in this industry. We understand the unique challenges this industry faces and have experience serving clients in the forest products industry, mining and aggregates and oil and gas sectors. 

Our client list includes over 40 clients, including family-owned entities, entities with public/private equity and venture capital investors – as well as those that are local, regional and global. We possess the knowledge and capabilities to provide value to any entity within the industry. Our industry group meets regularly to monitor industry trends and to discuss their impact on our clients. We can then provide timely solutions and advice. 

Energy & Resources Sectors We Serve

Our industry group works with key sectors including forest products, mining and aggregates, oil and gas, and Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale. These sectors have various unique opportunities, such as tax credit and planning opportunities; review of entity structure; review of partnership/operating agreements; depreciation, depletion and amortization accounting and accounting for asset retirement obligations, among many unique and specialized services.

Energy & Resources Services


We can assist your company with mergers and acquisitions, equipment financing, productivity analyses, lease vs. buy decisions for major asset additions, structuring of transactions to gain the most favorable tax treatment allowable and a review of your internal accounting policies and procedures. Learn More


The Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale gas formations in Pennsylvania, Ohio and surrounding states establishes a significant amount of recoverable gas in this region. These shales have dramatically impacted many industries well beyond just the oil and gas industry. Learn More


We provide specialized services to mining and aggregate industries including lease vs. buy decisions for major asset additions, structuring of transactions to gain the most favorable tax treatment allowable and a review of your internal accounting policies and procedures. Learn More


We provide specialized services to oil and gas industries including operational matters, mergers and acquisitions and liability concerns. From joint interest billing processing and review of operator overhead charges to tax planning, we provide our clients the solutions needed to be successful. Learn More

Additional Energy & Resources Services

Energy & Resources Associations and Affiliations

We are active members of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association (OOGA/PIOGA), the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), Marcellus Shale Coalition and Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concrete Association (PACA) and regularly participate in industry forums and conferences.

About Schneider Downs Industry Groups

Schneider Downs recognizes that every industry is different, often presenting unique challenges that require individualized insight, innovation and experience. Our experience in these industries is enhanced through participation in focus groups, which address the characteristics that make these industries unique. 

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