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Estate Tax Closing Letters No Longer Automatic

The Internal Revenue Service (the “IRS”) has recently changed its procedures regarding the issuance of closing letters upon the filing of a

IRS Issues Final Estate Tax Portability Rules

The Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 introduced a new concept known as “portability” to the

How the Highway Trust Fund Bill Could Affect Your Inheritance

On July 15, the House of Representatives passed the Highway and Transportation Funding Bill of 2015, Part II (H.R. 3038) by a 312 to 119 vote. Introduced

IRS May Eliminate Asset Discounts on Family Transfers

The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) appears to have set its sights on a popular strategy used by taxpayers to transfer wealth to successive

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House of Representatives Votes to Repeal Estate Tax

The federal estate tax, originally established as part of the Revenue Act of 1916, has been a feature of the American tax system for nearly a century.

State Estate Taxes - Relief Is on the Way

With enactment of the taxpayer-friendly federal estate tax rules in 2012,1 a growing number of states are offering estate tax relief. The estate tax is

Reverse gifting? What is it? Should I do it?

All too frequently, high-net worth individuals that have engaged an estate planner have been presented various gifting strategies designed to reduce their

President Obama Proposal Targeting Capital Gains Loophole

In his recent State of the Union Address, President Obama outlined his plan to simplify the tax code and make it more fair. His approach to simplification

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