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Adam Goode | 3.21.2017

Are Store Associates the Key to Competing with E-Commerce?

As someone who has worked in all levels of retail, from a store associate all the way up to general manager, the results of a recent Tulip Retail survey

The Overwhelming Influence of Mobile Devices in the Retail Industry

For as long as we can remember, retailers have sought out new and innovative ways to get consumers into traditional brick-and-mortar stores throughout
Audit, Retail
Patrick Kerns | 2.22.2017

Preparing Retail for Generation Z

Move over millennials, as Generation Z comes of age, they are becoming a force for change in retail. Generation Z is composed of everyone born after 1995

The Holidays: The Gift that Keeps on Giving for Retail and Transportation Companies

When the holiday season rolls around so does the money that is spent buying gifts for friends, families, and even co-workers. Since 2009, holiday season

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Patrick Kerns | 11.21.2016

National Retail Federation Projects Solid Holiday Sales Growth

If you are planning on making a trip to the mall or ordering that hard-to-get item from Amazon, do it sooner rather than later. The National Retail Federation
Zachary Davis | 8.23.2016

Qualified Improvement Property Rules Provide Additional Accelerated Depreciation Opportunities for Retail and Restaurant Industries in 2016

Prior to 2016, Qualified Retail Improvement Property and Qualified Restaurant Property were eligible for Section 179 expense, but did not qualify for bonus
Audit, Retail
Adam Goode | 8.8.2016

Back-To-School Household Spending Projected to Increase Nearly 7% in 2016

The National Retail Federation (NFR) recently published its annual back-to-school consumer spending survey, which was conducted by Prosper Insights &
Audit, Retail
Doug Morally | 3.15.2016

Recognizing Breakage on Unredeemed Gift Cards

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has finally closed the loop on accounting for breakage with the issuance of Accounting Standards Update

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Retail, Tax
Carl Scharf | 1.22.2016

Updating Your Retail or Restaurant Space? What You Need to Know About IRS Revenue Procedure 2015-56

It appears that everywhere we look businesses operating in the retail and restaurant industry are remodeling or refreshing their space in order to stay
Brian Reitz | 1.18.2016

Holiday Bricks and Clicks

If you spent 30 minutes driving around the mall parking lot so you could pick up that last-minute holiday gift, the following statistic may not come as

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