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Analytics, Projections and Cannonballs into the River

Most fans would agree that statistics and analytics are more prevalent in Major League Baseball than in any other sport, and have become especially pertinent

Data: The 21st Century Building Material

Bid, design, build, and operate. The amount of information required to take a job from bid all the way through completion is vast. With market competition

Minimizing Higher Ed Risks - Utilizing Internal Audit and Data Analytics

We’ve all seen various colleges and universities in the news lately, and the news was not always positive. Higher education institutions face a varied

NFL Draft by the Data: So you're saying there's a chance?

Congratulations to the 261 former college football players who heard their name called at the 2019 NFL Draft last weekend, including Kyler Murray who became

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Data Analytics: So Easy a Cow Could Do It?

In the age of technology, there is no limit to the applications of data and data analytics. This spans company type, region and industry. This includes,

Have Supply Chain Questions? Big Data Has Your Answers

Verified Market Research (VMR) recently released their “Key Futuristic Trends and Competitive Landscape 2025” report, which forecasts strong

Data and Tech Among Top Concerns for CPAs

In the AICPA’s 2014 publication, “Reimagining Auditing in a Wired World,” the AICPA staff uses a blue sky scenario to describe what future

Overcoming Bias to Deliver Accurate Data Analytic Insights

As organizations implement processes that harness the power of analytical tools to extract insight from their data, it’s imperative that best practices

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