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Jeffery Acheson | 8.24.2009

Best Practices in Engaging 401(k) Participants

 A 401(k) plan without adequate planning tools and processes is like a bag of groceries without a cookbook; great possibilities exist, but the odds of acceptable outcomes are greatly diminished. How do plan sponsors who genuinely believe their employees are one of their organizations’ biggest assets engage participants at the intersection of human and financial capital?
Michael Renzelman | 8.17.2009

What is Your Fiduciary Responsibility as a Plan Sponsor?

As the sponsor of an employee benefit plan (which include 401(k), profit sharing and defined benefit plans) under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), you, the employer, have certain fiduciary responsibilities.  These fiduciary responsibilities are standards of conduct for those who manage an employee benefit plan and its assets and are set by ERISA. 
Mara Bruce | 8.12.2009

Transition Relief for 403(b) Plan Administrators and Their Audit Requirements

In response to concerns raised by various parties, the US Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) has provided transition relief for 403(b) plan administrators that make good-faith efforts to transition to the 2009 plan year ERISA annual reporting requirements.  Mara Bruce provides a summary.
Lara Fuller | 6.26.2009

Management's Responsibility Over Financial Reporting

While many different parties have fiduciary responsibility for ERISA plans, members of the plan's management have particular responsibilities, one of which

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Best Practices for Plan Oversight

It is clear to most employers that as the sponsor of a benefit plan, they are one of the primary fiduciaries of that plan. But, what exactly does that
Scott Rain | 12.22.2008

Congress Passes Pension Funding and Minimum Distribution Relief

As a result of a new relief measure that is awaiting the President’s signature, companies whose pension funds suffered losses this year may not have
Timothy Hammer | 8.21.2008

Late Remittances - Still Department of Labor Hot Button

The Department of Labor (DOL) continues to focus major enforcement action on plan sponsors and owners regarding late remittances of employee contributions

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