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American as Baseball Games and Apple Pie – the Business Meal Deduction

If there is one negative aspect of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) that taxpayers have had trouble stomaching more than the reduction in the state

2020 Congressional Research Service Report on TCJA Impact on Families

The Congressional Research Service (CRS), which serves as a nonpartisan shared staff to members of Congress and congressional committees, and operates

Guidance Provided for Organizations Claiming Credit for UBIT Paid on Repealed Tax

On December 20, H.R. 1865 - Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020 was signed into law, retroactively repealing Code §512(a)(7) of the Internal

Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction Extended Through 2020

On December 20, 2019, President Trump signed a $1.4 trillion spending bill that funds the government through fiscal year 2020. The bill also extends the

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Contractors Could Benefit from the 10% Election

As the compliance season for preparation of 2019 income tax returns kicks off, companies are likely looking for last-minute ways to lower their tax liabilities.
Tax, Tax Reform, TCJA
PJ Rogers | 12.20.2019

Update: Halfway There – Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Guidance Catching Up

Planning for the 2019 tax season is in full swing now that the November 15 tax-exempt organization filing deadline has passed. In stark contrast to last

2020: Provided the World Doesn’t End, We’ll Enjoy an Increased Lifetime Gift and Estate Tax Exclusion

Whether society’s collective interpretation of the Mayan calendar proves correct and the world ends in 2020 remains unknown, for now. Despite this

TCJA – Could 2019 Taxable Income be Higher than Projected?

As we approach the end of 2019, two separate changes in reporting of gross income from providing goods and/or services could combine for an unpleasant

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IRS Releases Advance Payment Proposed Regulations for Accrual Method Taxpayers, Providing One-Year Deferral

On September 5, the IRS released guidance in the form of proposed regulations (Prop. Reg. §1.451-8) that address the receipt of payments from customers

Advance Payments: Potential for Longer Term Deferral under Newly Issued Regulations, Repeal of Regulation §1.451-5

Back in July, the IRS formally removed regulation §1.451-5 from the Code of Federal Regulation. The regulation had permitted some companies to defer

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