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401(k) Plans

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SECURE Act: Business Tax Credits for Retirement Plan Startup Costs and Automatic Enrollment Provisions (Sections 104 and 105)

In an effort to encourage employers to adopt a retirement plan and promote certain automated features, the Act (1) enhances an existing business tax credit

SECURE Act: Repeal of Maximum Age for Traditional IRA Contributions (Section 107)

Prior to a repeal under the SECURE Act, an individual was not permitted to contribute to a traditional IRA after age 70½. Now, however, that restriction

SECURE Act: Penalty-free Withdrawals from Retirement Plans for Individuals in Case of Birth or Adoption (Section 113)

The SECURE Act contains a number of provisions aimed at expanding Americans’ access to their retirement accounts. One such new viable option adds

SECURE Act: Increase in Age for Required Minimum Distributions (Section 114)

The SECURE (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) Act institutes a number of changes for retirement plan sponsors and participants, including

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SECURE Act: Expansion of Section 529 Plans (Section 302)

Well established and evolved over the years, 529 plans are tax-advantaged strategies designed to encourage saving for future education costs. Withdrawals

SECURE Act: Plan Adopted by Filing Due Date for Year May Be Treated as In Effect as of Close of Year (Section 201)

The SECURE Act contains a provision that grants employers additional time to adopt a qualified retirement plan. Under current law, in order to make tax-deductible

SECURE Act: Modification of Required Minimum Distribution Rules for Designated Beneficiaries (Section 401)

Based on the new provisions of the SECURE Act, there are now much more restrictive rules surrounding a required minimum distribution (RMD) to designated

SECURE Act: Modification of PBGC Premiums for Cooperative and Small Employer Charity Plans (Section 206)

Many charities and cooperative associations provide their employees with retirement benefits through defined benefit multi-employer pension arrangements

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Auto Dealers, Automatic Enrollment, and Automatic Escalation

As someone who has worked closely with automotive dealerships for over twenty years, I have witnessed first-hand that successful dealerships are extremely

Easing Financial Fright with Sweet Advice

This article was originally published in Wedgewood Life magazine and is reprinted with their permission. As our thoughts turn to pumpkins, candy, and costumes,

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