Schneider Downs Audio Clips

Business Advisors
Joel Rosenthal

What should you look at if you are considering buying a company?
What is Forensic Accounting?
What are some common Fraud Schemes?
What are some common Fraud Indicators?
How can Financial Modeling help a business?
What are the reasons to get a valuation of a company?
What methods are typically used to conduct a valuation of a company?
What are some key areas that are considered when doing a valuation of a company?

Schneider Downs Corporate Finance, LP
Schneider Downs Corporate Finance, LP is a registered broker/dealer. Member FINRA/SIPC.

Peter Lieberman

How does a buyer determine how much my business is worth?
What is a seller note?

Schneider Downs Technology Advisors

Patrick Armknecht

What are the signs that my software is not meeting my company’s needs?
What should I look for when selecting a technology vendor to handle a software implementation?
What are the keys to a successful software implementation?

Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors

Nancy Skeans

What is my best option for funding my child’s college education?
How much should I have in an emergency cash fund?
Should the surging budget deficit create concerns about inflation?
Should I pay off my mortgage before retirement?
Should I borrow against my retirement savings to pay for my child’s college education?
What is a reasonable return expectation for the stock market?


Schneider Downs Tax Advisors

Timothy Adams

Is my business filing returns for all tax types due?
Is my business taking advantage of state tax credits, incentives and grants that may be available?
Is there a way to mitigate or limit taxes owed due to non-filing?
Is my organization holding any unclaimed property?
What is Fin 48 for Private Companies?
What do state budget deficits mean for your company?
What are tax amnesty programs?

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