Organization Technology- SD inSITE Board Portal

How much time do you spend getting information to your Board?

If you are like most organizations, you use a variety of means: email, postal mail, phone.

The inSITE Board Portal provides a secure and cost-effective tool to organize and distribute documents to Board members and senior management.

SD inSITE Board Portal:

  • Improves communication
  • Single location for all documents, including financial reports from prior periods
  • Calendars and notices to remind Board members of upcoming meetings and events
  • Makes your staff more efficient by reducing their work load
  • Very effective in orienting new Board members to the various committees and current issues
  • Track which documents are accessed.

The Board Portal is organized in folders which correspond to your needs.  You define the security and Board members only see the documents to which they have access.

The Board Portal is secure.

  • Role-based access to folders
  • Documents can be locked
    • Second password required
    • No printing
    • No distribution

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