Schneider Downs Financial Services Webinar

Join Schneider Downs on Wednesday, April 28th for a webinar for the Financial Services sector as we cover topics like Fraud Risk Assessments, Implementing Secure Systems in the Cloud, and Cybersecurity. Topics will include:

What is a Fraud Risk Assessment & Why Does My Institution Need One?

Fraud, the dreaded word that most institutions don’t want to think could affect their institution.  Everyone knows that fraud risks are out there, but not everyone is equipped to recognize and reduce the impact of fraud. It is essential to properly plan and perform a Fraud Risk Assessment to ensure your institution is properly mitigating fraud risks.  Join the Schneider Downs Risk Advisory professionals as we discuss the importance of a Fraud Risk Assessment utilizing the FDIC Bank Fraud and Abuse framework and highlight the items that your institution should be considered when planning and executing a Fraud Risk Assessment.

Introduction to Cloud Security

During this session, Tim Wolfgang and Christian Johnson will cover the best practices financial institutions should follow for implementing secure systems in the cloud.  During this session, we will review the benefits of different cloud implementation models and the shared responsibility concept before diving into IT security topics and best practices relevant to cloud systems.

The SolarWinds Breach and Its Lasting Implications

Session Description: The SolarWinds breach and its effects have been unwinding, with new developments on almost a daily basis. This attack and the methods used have caused many to question how we approach cybersecurity defenses in modern enterprise environments. This event certainly will have major implications across IT operations, cybersecurity, IT audit, and enterprise risk for some time to come. As leaders in risk management, we need to be prepared to pivot our approach to assessing cyber risk in this dynamic environment.

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