The Business of Higher Education: Strategic Planning and Leadership

Every higher education institution has a complex set of challenges. To address these, we have developed a webinar series. Topics will include sustainability, leadership, financial challenges, investments and future actions.

From January through April, please join us on the fourth Monday of each month for a thought provoking round-table discussion that will stimulate critical thinking and start down the path to the future.

Webinar 2: Strategic Planning and Leadership

Leading a Higher Education institution is no simple task. There are many passionate people involved and one is never short on hearing different perspectives. A key to success is to have clearly defined roles and responsibilities at all levels. The board of trustees, president, cabinet, and faculty are each major centers of influence that must understand their roles, responsibility and accountability. It is essential for leaders to correlate economic trends, changing market dynamics and empirical data to determine the impact on an institution’s mission and vision.

Schneider Downs and Bond will lead a thought-provoking discussion of the following topics:

  • Leadership – faculty, president, cabinet and board of trustees – what works
  • Communication – challenges, motives and methods to improve
  • Data Access and Measurement – how, what and when
  • Best Process Considerations – strategic planning, financial and operational

Webinar Presenters

  • John Null, Shareholder, Schneider Downs Higher Education Practice Unit Leader


  • Stephen Donato, Co-Chair, Business Restructuring, Creditors’ Rights & Bankruptcy Group, Bond Schoeneck and King
  • Dr. Lou Marcoccia, Consultant, Schneider Downs Strategic Higher Education Services and former CFO of Syracuse University
  • Staci Brogan, Shareholder, Schneider Downs Higher Education Services
  • John Bellardini, Strategic Consultant, Schneider Downs Meridian Services

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