Tax simplification has arrived. Schneider Downs is proud to introduce TaxCaddy, a safe, secure software solution that will reduce the amount of time you spend collecting your annual tax data. TaxCaddy leverages the capabilities of today’s technology to make it easier for you to send us the materials needed to complete your annual Form 1040.

Whether you use a PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile phone, TaxCaddy has the capability to retrieve your Form 1099s, Form 1098s and W-2s directly from the payor, bank, and your employer, and send them electronically to your Schneider Downs tax engagement team.  Documents that you choose not to link can be scanned and uploaded or, perhaps even more convenient, photographed when they arrive in the mail using the TaxCaddy mobile application.  No more paper, stamps or envelopes!

In addition to easily capturing and securely storing tax documents, your TaxCaddy account maintains a complete inventory of your tax data, including a record of all the information that has been reported on your past returns.  Simple questions regarding changes in your tax position can be answered with the click of a button.  

Simplifying the tax data gathering process is an innovation that provides convenience for our clients, while allowing our professionals to focus on tax planning strategies.

We realize you may have questions about this new program and  invite you to contact your Schneider Downs representative or William DeMarchi, TaxCaddy IT Support, with questions about getting started. 

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