With more and more data breaches being reported every day, it is important to form strong security habits when online. One of the strongest steps you can take is enabling two-factor authentication. This type of authentication requires you first to provide your password, then another proof of identification. The second form of identification has many methods you are able to use, but the strongest method to ensure security is using a physical hardware key, such as a YubiKey. No additional software is necessary and the YubiKey only takes minutes to set up, and can help protect you from an attacker taking over your account.

To learn more about your Yubikey and how to set it up for some of the most common online applications, please visit https://www.yubico.com/setup/#security-key. As a helpful guide, we have laid out Yubikey setup instructions for some of the most common applications below. Always remember to have a backup to the security key (SMS One Time Password, Backup Security Codes, Google Authenticator, etc.) in case you misplace your security key, these options vary per website.

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  1. Navigate to the 2-Step Verification section of your Google Account
  2. Select Get Started  and register a phone number for Google’s SMS 2FA
  3. Select Add Security Key
  4. Select Next
  5. Insert the Yubikey
  6. Tap the gold disk on your YubiKey
  7. In the top left, you’ll be asked if Google can see the make and model of your security key. Select Allow


  1. Log into a Duo enabled application and select Add a New Device located on the left of the Duo portal

  2. Select U2F Token for your authentication device 
  3. Select Continue

  4. Insert the YubiKey into your computer
  5. Tap the gold disk on the YubiKey


  1. Navigate to your Security and Login Settings

  2. Scroll down to Use two-factor authentication and select Edit
  3. Go to Security Keys and select Add Key
  4. Insert the YubiKey into your computer
  5. Tap the gold disk on the YubiKey


  1. Navigate to your profile icon, then select  Settings and Privacy

  2. Under Security, select Review Your Login Verification Methods
  3. Next to Security Key, select Set Up 
  4. Insert the YubiKey into your computer
  5. Tap the gold disk on the YubiKey


  1. Navigate to the Settings tab in your Dropbox Account
  2. Enter the Security Tab
  3. Turn the Two-step verification tab on
  4. Select Add next to Security Keys
  5. Insert the YubiKey into your computer
  6. Tap the gold disk on the YubiKey
  7. In the top left hand of your browser select Allow


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