Pharmacy Provider
(SOC 2)

Why did you choose to partner with Schneider Downs for your SOC Report?

Out of 5 or 6 firms interviewed for our SOC 2 engagement, Schneider Downs was the only firm to inform us that the AICPA was soon updating to the ‘2017 Trust Services Criteria’ and that we would likely benefit more from meeting these new criteria prior to beginning a SOC 2 audit.

That very first phone call provided us with more helpful information than had been gathered from all of the other firms combined.    Right from the beginning it was obvious Schneider Downs was genuinely interested in ensuring we got the best value out of our SOC 2 audit experience. 

What was it like to work with Schneider Downs?

This was our first SOC 2 audit so we had many, many questions along the way!  The team answered every one of our questions quickly, completely and with earnestness.  We never felt uneasy asking a question.  The team at Schneider Downs worked cohesively as well.  We never had to repeat ourselves because the whole team was always up to date on our progress and could jump right in without a hiccup.  And, the team was very well-versed in Information Technology.  They were able to bridge any communication gaps between technical language and compliance language to ensure both sides understood one another. 

What is an example of how Schneider Downs went “the extra mile” to serve you?

Schneider Downs went above and beyond our expectations many times throughout our SOC 2 gap analysis and audit.  The team took the initiative to fully understand our complex business structure,  explained every step of the SOC 2 engagement with patience, maintained responsive communication with us, and even helped us with a few off-topic compliance related questions! 

What value did the SOC 2 Report provide to your organization?

Now that we have a SOC 2 Report we are able to offer clients tangible reassurance of our commitment to protecting their data.  Clients can hold a copy of the report in their hands and rest assured knowing an independent third-party has tested and reported on the effectiveness of our controls.  Because of that, our SOC 2 Report places us at an advantage over the competition right from day one of the proposal process.

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