Fiduciary Responsibility During COVID-19

Join a panel comprised of professionals from Dentons Cohen & Grigsby and Schneider Downs as they discuss fiduciary responsibility during the COVID-19 Pandemic for both management and board members.


  • Staci Brogan, Audit Shareholder, Schneider Downs
  • Kate Dewey, Senior Advisor, Dentons Cohen & Grigsby
  • Christie Tillapaugh, Shareholder, Dentons Cohen & Grigsby
  • Lauren Weddell, Audit Shareholder, Schneider Downs

Moderated by:

  • Joel Rosenthal, Shareholder, Schneider Downs Business Advisors

Discussion topics will include:

  • Operational and Financial Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Fiduciary Responsibility Considerations of Board Members
  • Monitoring Operational Results

If you have questions in advance, you will be able to submit them during the registration process.

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